GRQC: Workshop on Leading Continuous Improvement in Organizations - GRQC and University of Michigan Partner to Provide Seminars

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The Greater Rochester Quality Council, an affiliate of the Rochester Business Alliance, is partnering with the University of Michigan to present a new leadership course on the next level of thinking in lean management.

The program, called Toyota Kata, will show participants how to generate continuous improvement skills and initiative among everyone in their organizations to adapt, improve, and keep moving forward.

The program breaks into a one-day seminar, and a two-day workshop. Participants can attend only the one-day seminar, but anyone wanting to attend the two-day workshop must attend the seminar first, as a pre-requisite. Both are open to the public.

The one-day seminar, set for June 14, will cover a better way to lead, manage, and develop people, to produce continuous improvement, adaptation, survival, and superior results. The two day workshop, set for June 15 and 16, will include hands-on practice with improvement as well as coaching. All sessions will be held at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Leading the programs will be Beth Carrington, who has more than 25 years of experience in leadership roles within the personal care, furniture, and automotive industries.

The cost of the one-day seminar will depend upon enrollment. With 50 participants, it will be $100 each, with 100 the cost drops to $50 each and with 200 the price will be $25 each. The cost of the two-day workshop is $1,000 per participant and enrollment is limited to 20 people.

For more information or to register, contact Susan George by calling (585) 256-4612 or sending an email to